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2015 IEICE Society Conference in Tohoku University

Tutorial Session´╝łBT-4) SR/RCS Joint Fundamental Study on 5G and Introduction of Latest Research Activity in Europe

Date: September 8 (Tue) 13:00-16:20 (Japan Standard Time) (First day of Conference)

Place: Lecture Rooms A, 4F, A401

Speaker: Dr. Antti Tolli (Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu, Finland)

Title: Coordinated Multinantenna Interference Management in 5G Networks

Summary: The target of the tutorial is to achieve an understanding on the bounds and the behavior of wireless networks with inter-node interference. First, a brief introduction is given on the fundamentals of multi-user/cell MIMO communications and its analysis via random matrix theory in Massive MIMO setups in particular. Subsequently, practical solutions are introduced to handle different quality of service constraints and optimization criteria. Particular emphasis is put on decentralized interference and traffic aware linear transceiver design and resource allocation with limited backhaul. Finally, coordinated interference management in practical dense TDD networks is addressed. Specific use cases related to massive MIMO deployments, network controlled D2D and Dynamic TDD are discussed in detail.

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